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We hope you visit the website of Daedong System,a company that is trusted by customers and respected by society.

Since its establishment in 1980, Daedong System has been growing and developing as a trusted company through customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and a transformative quality operating system. In particular, in order to respond to the 21st century demands in a high productivity environment, we are strengthening our core competencies through continuous management innovation activities, so we may offer better products to our customers at competitive prices.

In addition, our Daedong family has the spirit of putting customers first. with the belief that all of our products we design and produce will have a greater impact on safety.

We will fulfill our responsibilities as a social enterprise by respecting mankind by utilizing the philosophy of Right-Way Management.

We would like to thank our domestic and foreign customers for their support of Daedong System Co. Ltd. We promise to continue supporting and developing new products through research and development of new technologies which will provide solutions to our current and new customers.

CEO Soohyung Lee