R&D Achievement

  • Field Registration number Registration date Description
    Patent 2088708 2020.03.09 Lumbar support unit for automotive seats with simple structure and improved responsiveness
    Patent 2068075 2020.01.14 Lumbar support unit for car seat
    Patent 2003882 2019.07.19 Release cable unit for vehicle doors
    Patent 1961697 2019.03.19 Power transmission gear and actuator unit for vehicle running board
    Patent 1947514 2019.02.07 Connecter for releasing the parking brake
    Patent 1864010 2018.05.28 Automotive power transmission cable (asymmetric inner)
    Patent 1840696 2018.03.15 (co-development) Cable fixture with noise transmission blocking function
    Patent 1834873 2018.02.27 (co-development) actuator for electronic braking of automobiles
    Patent 1723866 2017.03.31 Manual shifting device for Vehicle transmission (by Lim Jeong-jo)
    Patent 1687563 2016.12.13 air dam device
    Patent 1633845 2016.06.21 (co-development) automobile electronic brake system
    Design 0907444 2017.05.17 Vehicle power transmission cable (Armored outer)
    Design 0905106 2017.04.26 Automotive power transmission cable (hexagonal liner)
    Overseas Patent 2602158 2014.09.03 SUPPORT CLIP FOR VEHICLE CABLE
    Overseas Patent 5551966 2014.05.30 (co-development) gearshift cable noise reduction device
    Overseas Patent 8,646,355 2014.02.11 AUTOMOBILE CABLE SOCKET
    Utility Model 0467767 2013.06.27 Connector for Automotive cable
    Utility Model 0460454 2012.05.14 Support clip for vehicle cable

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